Conklin GT-4 Four-String Bass Fretless Natural

Features a tone-rich, lightweight ash body topped with figured maple. Multilaminate neck constructed of incredibly stable wenge and purpleheart, carved to an extremely comfortable profile. Angled-back headstock increases tension over the nut and improves sustain. Beautifully contoured neck heel and deep cutaway body shape allow unobstructed access to every position on the neck. Active electronics and Conklin’s trademark locking input jack.

Key Features

  • Lightweight ash body with maple figured top
  • Active electronics
  • Deep cutaway body shape
  • Angle-backed headstock
  • High-quality multi-laminate neck
  • Bartolini licensed pickups
  • 3-band EQ
  • Preset “slap” switch (cuts mids, boosts highs/lows)

User Feedback

“I would HIGHLY recommend to every bass player I know.”

“Wow! talk about alot of bang for the buck. This bass has a phenominal sound and its playability and feel is just outstanding. The bass is beautifully contoured and extremely lightweight. It is such a beautiful and great playing bass If I didn’t know I would of thought that it would of came from the custom shop.”

“10 across the board for me. This bass is impressive for the price.”

“For the price, sound, quality , you can’t beat this ax.”

“This bass is maybe the best bass I have ever played. It has a great low end and some serious treble punch. The neck joint on this bass is so well made it feels like a neck-through body. The bridge is very sturdy and keeps in tune for weeks. I was on a two week vacation and by the time i got back and picked my bass up it was still perfectly in tune. This price is amazing and i would recommend this bass for any kind of music.”

“The quality is fantastic, I couldn’t be happier; the Bartolini pickups simply cannot be matched and the tone is beautiful. It is the perfect bass for Funk/Jazz/R&B or anything else for that matter!”

Original Source: Musicians’ Friend

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Musicians’ Friend: Conklin GT-4 Four-String Bass Fretless Natural