Fretless 9-String Bass Solo by Mario Bartone

What’s up fretless players out there!

Today I stumbled on the following video while searching YouTube for some new inspiration. Normally, I don’t hype up the gimmicky stuff, but in this case, I simply couldn’t resist.

In the video, German bass player Mario Bartone simply tears up a fretless 9-string bass guitar. This was taken on a camera from the Peavey booth, during the London International Music Show (LIMS) back in 2009.

It took me a few minutes to figure out if he is playing a fretless or not, but the intonation on the sliding chords at the beginning gave him away. That took a 2nd viewing, because the first time I was just gawking at that enormous fretboard!

It’s really an impractical instrument for some licks, but for endless range into the upper and lower registers of the bass (and beyond), it kicks ass! I’d probably never bother buying one, but it would be a lot of fun to noodle around on just for fun. For my money, I’d go for a standup first and foremost if I were to add to my arsenal.

Anyway, give a watch to the video below. It’s only 45 seconds or so, but he really tears it up for the brief duration of the video.


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