JuxtaPulse – Building out a Band

So you likely all play in bands or hire yourself out for music, right? For anyone who has played the music industry game, you are well aware of how challenging it can be to find just the right candidates for your music. Their style needs to be right. Their attitudes need to be reasonable and professional. Their capabilities/chops must be up to snuff. And they need to be dependable, the type of person who says they’ll be there at a certain time and normally comes through.

JuxtaPulse HypercubeI’ve talked about the material we’re writing for a few months now, and we recently turned our attention full speed to filling out the ranks. The final lineup should consist of the two of us on guitar and fretless bass, a vocalist (or two, depending what we find), a drummer, and at least one percussionist. After months of debate between the two of us, we settled for the name JuxtaPulse. It’s a great description of the music we put together – a mix of groovy rhythms that don’t always go together, but have become something special through proximity and blending. At least that is what we were thinking when we selected the name.

Since we already pretty much wrote the music, the first logical piece to add to the puzzle is the vocalist. That’s a lot harder than it may seem, isn’t it? There is a cadre of reasons any particular vocalist wouldn’t work out…perhaps they are flaky, or maybe they can’t seem to blend the right styles in a melodic fashion. They might also have another project or a solo gig competing for time. Maybe it’s a personality or scheduling mismatch. We already found one great candidate, but she simply didn’t have enough time to take on another project in addition to her solo band (and she is one outstanding singer).

Call For Help

This is one of those moments where I’m extra glad I started a blog, because it offers a platform to call out for some assistance in this search. If you are in Austin, TX or somehow tied to the scene, send referrals our way.

If you know anyone, share the following and send them our way if they like the “Scratch” tracks we’ve cobbled together:

JuxtaPulse ReverbNation page

Or you can send them to the Facebook Page for The Hub directly to inquire. Whatever you and they prefer.

Coming Soon

Oh yeah, and we’ll be seeking that drummer and a percussionist or two heading into the summer, assuming we find and integrate the vocalist over the next 4-8 weeks. If you know anyone who can pull this material off, we’d love to meet them.

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