Steve Bailey Fretless Bass Lesson Part 6

Welcome back to Part 6 of the Steve Bailey Fretless Bass Guitar Lesson series here on Fretless Bass Guitar Hub!

This segment kicks in rather quickly, jumping right into the end of  “Too Loud, Too Fast, Too Bad” which was in progress as Part 5 ended. After a little bit of wanking to remind us of what he had going on the other video, he switches back over to the lesson part. Let’s dive right in to Part 6!

Unit 6: Triads

This complete lesson is focused on mixing up techniques to combine 3rds and 5ths, 10ths, etc.

Exercise - Steve holds chords and plays the triads slowly to display the technique, moving up and down the neck while mixing in open strings to widen the range. This is actually a nice part, very melodic.

This exercise focuses on mixing up the notes in the chords, plus how to keep your intonation in check at the same time.He advises to practice playing minor and major thirds and triads on the higher strings first until you can get your intonation nailed down.

Scale Exercises

This technique applies the same concept as the droning chords he showed off earlier, but shifting the axis notes and doing runs up and down the same string. This seems like an exercise that is mostly just to show chops, as you have multiple strings for a reason.

That said, Steve does make a good point that it forces you out of your comfort zone, focusing on fingerboard harmony balanced with intonation, while moving to parts of the neck that you may under-use during typical playing.

Right Hand Technique

Although not just specific to fretless basses, Steve shows off his three finger alternating technique for picking. I’ve dabbled with some three finger picking myself (primarily for triplet riffs and arpeggiated chord picking), but have found that the first two tend to have more consistent attacks. Maybe I need to work up more ways to use his picking approach (and the calluses to go along with it).

He gives a couple of good tips about how to work it into your playing if you are interested in trying it out for yourself.

Unit 7: Advanced Exercises

Exercise 1 – This exercise focuses on using chords and slides in tandem to provide a slippery slidey kind’a feel. Although it looks tough to play, it would only be useful in very specific instances. Check it out to see for yourself.

Unfortunately, this exercise gets cut off midway, so we’ll finish it up in the next installment. Thanks for watching!

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