“Celine” – Michael Manring Solo Performance

Michael Manring shared a new video from 2011 on his Facebook page this weekend, and I was so impressed with the performance that I had to share back with you here.

This was recorded at the 2011 Canadian Guitar Festival, which curiously enough, appears to have taken place in San Francisco, CA.

The song, if you have not heard it before, has some really interesting technique in it. The highlights for me are around the use of harmonics and in-song tuning/detuning. Early in the track, he has a very wet sound and is using the volume knob to fade in the harmonic-based chord structure.

Since he uses such unique tunings, Manring can really elicit some great mixes of notes into the chord structure. It actually feels a bit ethereal in the early part, clean and smooth with almost a keyboard or sequencer sound. But it’s live and 100% on the fretless Zon Hyperbass alright!

Then, later in the song, he mixes up a finger-picked melody. harmonics, and flipping his de-tuner switches to drop various strings by a step, done mid-vibration on the string. Of course, he also moves back the other way into whatever the chosen “standard” tuning is in this one. It’s actually tough sometimes to figure it out because of the flurry of technique, and the piccolo strings he uses on his Zon.

Anyway, enough yammering. Check it out and see if it moves you like it moved me earlier tonight.

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