Introduction to Arpeggios

This week I had a little time to throw together a very rough video talking about arpeggios. This was done in pretty raw fashion, and not re-recorded to fix any errors, glitches, or gaffs with the spoken part. Not that you were judging me on the quality anyway, right?

For the more advanced players among us, this is a very basic video. It touches on what an arpeggio is, what the simplest and most commonly used arpeggio structures are, and how to use the notes among others in vamps or solos.

This was performed on the “Green Monster” fretless Carvin 6-string bass. Not that I needed all six strings for this basic lesson, but when an axe is like your third arm, you stick with it pretty consistently. Also, I’ve found arpeggios to be a huge addition to my repertoire on the fretless, whereas it comes across as more clunky on a fretted bass.

Not that I’m saying you can’t use them on fretted, you most certainly can! I tend to use them more melodically on a fretless. On a fretted bass, I use them in the context of the song only (less soloing overall), unless I try to get fancy and use bits and pieces of them for various popping techniques above slapped basslines. Those are extremely tricky, but if you nail it in front of an audience, brace yourself for a sweet rush of adrenaline!

Anyway, give a quick watch to this short, 3-minute video. That’s not enough time to get into any meaty topics, but it is enough to introduce the concept and show some short samples of how to do it. Let me know if you find this topic fascinating and would like to hear more about it. I’ve planned all along to start doing some quick hit videos when time permits (free time, my most elusive pursuit these days), and can absolutely dig deeper into this topic from a range of angles. In fact, if you want something specific, let me know here, on Facebook, or on YouTube and let’s chat about it.

Thanks for taking the time to visit “The Hub”, to read this post, and to watch the video. I hope you will join the conversation and come back later on. This site was built for me, but also for all of you, the fretless bass playing community.

I will leave you with that thought.


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